14 - 15 May, 2019 | Hilton London Olympia , London, United Kingdom

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How Technology is Transforming Customer Experience in the Utilities Industry

Zoisa Walton, Director, Octopus Energy Business Solutions joined CX network to discuss how technology is transforming utilities companies and customer experience.Some of the topics discussed include:How technology is transforming CX, compared to 5 – 10 years agoWhich technologies will have the greatest impact on the utility sector over the coming...

The Impact of the Price Cap on Utilities Companies and Customer Experience

Ahead of this years CX Utilities Forum, CX Network sat down with Stephen Murray, Head of Energy Commercial and Partners at Moneysupermarket.com to discuss how the recent price cap has affected the industry so far, and how we can ensure that customers in vulnerable circumstances are not negatively impacted by...

Helping Customers in Vulnerable Situations

Ahead of this years CX Utilities Forum, CX Network sat down with Claire Forbes, Senior Director Corporate Communication, OFWAT, Eileen Brown, Customer Experience Director, Northern Gas Networks and Faye England, Customer Experience and Change Manager, Thames Water to discuss the growing challenges of helping customers in vulnerable circumstances.Some of the topics they...

What is driving CX transformation in the utilities sector?

This article will explore six key drivers which are shaping the customer experience landscape in the utilities industry, including an explanation of how the industry is reacting to each of the drivers. 

The Pocket Guide to CX in Utilities

This eBook will serve as a guide to the core strategies that need to be put in place in order to build a seamless customer experience strategy. We spoke with four industry experts in order to give you an exclusive insight into the challenges being faced and the solutions on...

The 5 golden roles of a successful customer experience strategy

With switching increasing year after year, it is important that companies have strong customer-centric strategies in place in order to build and retain a loyal customer base.With the help of industry experts, we have put together our five golden rules of customer experience strategy in the utilities sector.

5 ways to turn customer insight into action

In order to succeed in a crowded marketplace brands must deliver flawless journey for the customer and constantly adapt to their changing needs. Building a customer-centric business requires a thorough understanding of the voice of the customer and the ability to turn that voice into actionable insights. CX Network spoke...

5 things we’ve learned from Nordic customer experience experts

With customers now expecting a seamless, coherent and customer-centric experience, businesses must invest more in their customer experience management in order to retain and expand their customer base. CX Network looks at five takeaway lessons we’ve heard from CX experts to get you started before the conference doors open...

'Plane'-Speaking: The Customer Experience Workshop

The Nordic region is known for many wonderful things. Two of those include a desire for practicality and a tradition of building things with care and attention. It therefore makes sense that transforming customer experience (CX) can also avoid the jargon and complexities and get down to a practical, straightforward...