CX Utilities Forum: Fueling Innovation. Driving Centricity. Embracing the Customer.

The utilities industry is under public, regulator and consumer pressure to improve how it addresses its customer-experience related challenges. The transition from a government owned industry centred around operational challenges of supplying gas, electricity and water to an industry focused on customers in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive market, has taken its toll. The customer is increasingly the focal point of utilities companies products and services. As a direct consequence of this evolution and ‘disruptive’ businesses entering the market, the status quo is being challenged.

Further fuelling this (sorry, pun intended) has been the increasing number of price comparison and ‘switching’ companies, allowing customers to compare the prices of existing suppliers. Such changes are forcing utilities companies to benchmark themselves against other industries, with customers now expecting the same levels of service as they would with their banks, phone providers, insurers and supermarkets. But despite this shift, KPMG recently reported that the utilities sector are still trailing 13% behind, compared to the overall cross-sector average for their customer service, implying a lot more is still left to follow.

It’s for this reason the CX Utilities Forum has been established, to provide an opportunity for the CX community in the utilities sector to network and share best practice together, adopting a practical outlook towards the common issues the industry is facing daily. With tailored sessions designed to give you the best insight into how to drive this change further, you’ll head back to the office armed with tangible learnings to apply to 2018 and beyond.

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Experience 3 Days of Expertly Curated Content

Find out how well you know your customers by joining our unique Customer Closeness Group. We’re bringing 25+ utilities customers along, giving you the chance to listen to their experiences and opinions and the impact you may have had on them - A great opportunity to apply these lessons to your own CX programmes when you get back to the office

Meet With and Compare Dozens of Leading-Edge Solution Providers

Wanting to better justify ROI, achieve revenue growth and align the business to increase customer loyalty and reducing churn? No problem. Your speaker faculty are on hand to share their stories, learnings and experience to ensure you are better equipped to take on such challenges when you return to the office

Forge New Connections and Benchmark Against Peers

Learn from organisations addressing the needs of vulnerable customers and how best to equip staff to appropriately serve these evolving needs. An absolute must for any provider seeking to adapt in a changing market environment

New This Year! IT Modernization Track

Hear from Greg Jackson, CEO, Octopus Energy – Energy Supplier of the Year – as he discusses their journey to customer centricity and why our customers deserve more

New This Year! ITFM Boot Camp

Join the likes of E.ON and Southern Water as they discuss the use of advanced analytics, data and insight and how this can be used successfully to help serve the customer in a highly regulated environment

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